Warden of the Mary Ward Settlement Suzanna Jackson
PA to the Warden Felicity Baird
Head of Adult and Community Education Sue Craggs
PA to the Head of Adult and Community Education Debbie Yorke
Head of Finance & Resources Allister Duncan
Equality and Diversity Officer Sahara Williams
Additional Learning Support Coordinator Pam Murchland
Community Outreach Coordinator Maddy Fisk
Community Outreach Worker Erica Parrett
MIS Manager Eric Nordell
Student Records Officer Lynn Sowerby
Finance & Facilities Manager Victor Chibundu
Finance Officer Mohammed Chowdhury
Maintenance Officer Dave Green
HR and Payroll Officer Alleena Hussain
Head of Creative and Community Programmes Clive Allum
Curriculum Coordinator, Creative and Community Programmes Marc Breen
Departmental Administrator Rosalyn Nyugi
Departmental Administrator Jackie Wamaitha
Technician Trevor Hewett
Head of Academic and Progression Programmes Jane Chamberlain
Curriculum Coordinator, Academic and Progression Programmes Austin Hill
Curriculum Coordinator, Academic and Progression Programmes Kirsty Barlow
Departmental Administrator Mandy Yu
Marketing & Communications Coordinator Justine Hounam
Reception & Educational Advice:
Access To Services Manager Paula Suen
Senior Reception/ Access To Services Ann-Marie King, Olga Sanchez
Access To Services Naila Ahmadov, Rahul Miah, Laura Gutierrez