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The Mary Ward Fund

More than 100 years ago Mary Ward campaigned so that people from all backgrounds could study together in the Holborn/St Pancras area.  She founded a Settlement that offered classes in art, music, languages and philosophy, a ‘Poor Man’s Lawyer’ and the first after-school playcentre.

Her vision of education for all still inspires Mary Ward students, staff and supporters of the Centre.  Students on low incomes but not entitled to benefits are hit hardest by fee increases and other costs involved in study. The majority of our students earn less than the London average, are ethnically more diverse than in many other adult learning centres and enjoy learning with others for many different reasons, e.g. to combat loneliness, to support health, to get a job or for support with a learning difficulty.

To ensure that the unique mix of students at the Centre is preserved, we have established the Mary Ward Fund.  The Mary Ward Fund offers grants on application (for course materials, equipment, part or full fees, travel and childcare) to people finding it difficult to pay.

You can help by:

  • Making a one-off donation to the fund
  • Setting up a standing order for regular donations, no matter how small

Visit ‘Donating to the Fund’ for more information.

Other ways you can help: 

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We are taking part in – a website which raises money for a cause when registered users do their normal online shopping through the Easyfundraising website. Registering is easy and there is no extra cost to you. There are hundreds of retailers to choose from, including John Lewis, Amazon, M&S, Tesco, Ebay and many more. Click here for more information.

You could include Mary Ward Centre in your will

An ideal way of supporting the Mary Ward Settlement in the future is to leave a gift in your will.  Once you have considered your family and friends, please consider leaving a gift to Mary Ward.  It is a simple process, however you might like to take advice from a solicitor who can ensure that all the legal requirements are covered and that your will is valid.

If you are considering such a gift in your will, we will be happy to discuss the bequest with you.  These private and confidential discussions will ensure that the Settlement understands your wishes and that your proposed bequest is feasible.

In the first instance, please contact Suzanna Jackson on 020 7269 6061 or by email at