A Focus On Figure

For those with a fascination with the figure, draw inspiration from a wide range of works of art at the British Museum.

Who is this course for

For those with a fascination with the figure who want to be inspired by some of the great works of
art in the British Museum. Students should have prior experience of drawing from observation or a
willingness to try. Students should be prepared to work in their sketchbooks in a crowded museum

This is a course for students who want to draw, paint, sculpt or collage from their experience of
recording information and observations in their sketchbook. It is not an academic art history

What does this course cover

In the first session we will meet on the front steps of the British Museum at 10.25 a.m. and we will
move slowly through the Egyptian galleries to the works of the Parthenon. The tutor will direct you
to a few key works as examples of various themes that I think are helpful in understanding the
expression of repose and movement in the sculptures. You can then trace your steps back to any works
you find interesting and draw directly from them. The tutor will advise and direct you while you are
drawing and we will look at your discoveries as a group in the space provided by the Museum.

In the second session we will visit some galleries of your choice. The tutor will also want you to
see different interpretations of the figure in other cultural traditions. We will look at whether
form is interpreted as idealised beauty or utilitarian narrative. Students will have their own ideas
to realise in the museum and the tutor will assist them to develop and record their visualisation.
Expect to explore the use of shape, rhythm, volume and texture in the works you see.

Students will be able to work from their sketchbooks. Students may want to develop work on a larger
scale and experiment with a wide variety of materials in painting, sculpture and collage or enrol on
suitable courses at the Mary Ward Centre [Life Drawing, Sculpting from the Figure etc].

They may also be encouraged to visit the British Museum and investigate more works on their own.

This course is a good way of expanding your portfolio to develop new work or for applications to a
higher or further education courses.

What will it be like

Students are guided by the tutor, given feedback and encouragement. Students can ask questions in
group discussions at the end of each session and individually as problems arise. Each student is
encouraged to express themselves.
Students are given feedback during the course, individually and in group review settings. An
individual informal assessment will be made at the end of the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

An A3 or A2 sketchbook, pencils, eraser. More advice will be given on the day. The tutor will also
provide some drawing materials if required. Maximum cost £10.00
Practise drawing and observing regularly. This course is aimed to provide work for portfolios for
students wishing to develop their skills further, possibly for a higher or further education course.

What this course could lead to

Join other longer courses at the Centre

Got a Question about this Course?

Contact Jackie Wamatha, the course administrator.

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