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Advanced Creative Practice in Art and Design

We are now taking applications for September 2019.
With an emphasis on independent working, the tutor takes a step back to allow experienced students freedom to develop ideas fully. This course is suitable for those who have a Foundation Arts degree or with an established artistic practice, who wish to reinvigorate and develop their creative approaches, skills and ideas within a supportive peer group. This course can be paid in instalments
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The website for the 2014-15 group's external show is here

Who is this course for

This course is for students who have completed Level 3 Art or Design Access or Foundation or have reached an equivalent level through taught and independent art or design work. Students will therefore have reached a suitable level for entering a BA in Fine Art or Design, but may be unable to do so for financial or other reasons.

The course will enable students to progress and develop their creative practice at the next level. In some cases, students may be able to use the course to develop their practice sufficiently to progress to an MA.

What does this course cover

The course will have art and design practice as its main focus. Students will have frequent access to all studios (painting and drawing, sculpture, printmaking and textiles) in order to develop their individual practice. Some technical assistance in sculpture, printmaking and textiles will be available.

The course will include a Contextual Studies component, focussed on active engagement as practitioners with the work of contemporary artists and designers, and of other media. Critical analysis will be developed to support the student's own creative process and presentation skills.

Verbal, written and self-evaluative skills will be developed to enable students to present their work effectively and submit for external opportunities such as commissions, exhibitions and placements.

By the end of this course you will:
1. Have developed ideas for creative practice from visual research into a range of sources, e.g. into approaches and materials; the work of artists, designers and other cultural practitioners; private or public events and histories.

2. Be able to identify and develop a personal progression in your creative practice.

3. Have demonstrated your verbal and written skills in reflection, evaluation, analysis and presentation.
4. Have initiated, planned and implemented a major project, bringing together, individual interests and working methods.
5. Contributed towards the necessary planning, publicity, curation and hanging of an external exhibition.

What will it be like

Teaching will be based on structured projects in Term 1, moving to longer projects and self-initiated practice in Terms 2 and 3. Studio tuition will be supported by short individual tutorials.
Creative practice will be supported by individual research and experimentation.

Teaching and learning in contextual studies will take place through workshops, discussion, seminars and presentations. Students will be expected to develop self-evaluation as a way of progressing their creative practice.

The course is not accredited and does not have an external assessment system. Students will be assessed internally and given verbal feed-back on their progression, in order to support further development.

Students at this level will be expected to do an average of a day's independent work outside the course. This will include:

* Developing or extending the use of sketch/workbooks for visual research
* Visiting, researching and documenting the work of other artists/designers, and of other sources and influences
* Keeping a course log, including notes and photographs of work, and self-evaluation
* Producing individual or collaborative written and presentation materials
* Producing independent work in response to set and self-initiated briefs

What else do you need to buy or do

Paper and basic materials for sculpture (e.g. plaster, wire) and textiles/printmaking (e.g. printing inks) are provided by the Centre. Students on this course will be extending and developing their individual methods and practice, and will need to provide their own materials as appropriate. However, there will be an emphasis on using found and lightweight materials wherever possible, and to work creatively with budgetary constraints.

What this course could lead to

Students can progress towards an independent creative practice. It may also be possible to take the course for more than one year to provide a continuing framework for practice.

Students can progress to higher education in art or design, both BA and MA.


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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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