Art and Text: Creating the city

Do you select your courses from the Writing or from the Arts section? Ever thought it might be nice to combine the two? Explore how words and images can work together, visit inspirational places and make and discuss (written & visual) work back at the Mary Ward Centre. All levels are welcome.

To see some work from the course (called Visually Literate in previous years), see the blog here

Who is this course for

This new course has been designed to cater for writers and/or visual artists of all levels, who wish to draw inspiration from visiting new places, and who are excited about the possibilities of crossover - adding words to visuals and visual to words. Explore how using both practices simultaneously can generate new and surprising ideas.
Whether you already mix up the visual and written, or would just like the space to broaden your practice as either a visual artist or maker or a writer, here is a chance to play.
All levels of experience - as either writers or visual artists or both - are very welcome.
Be prepared for some walking.
Whilst those for whom English is not a first language are welcome, a good grasp of written and spoken English is essential.

What does this course cover

Spend three whole Fridays exploring how words and images can work together, making more than a sum of their parts. Each week we will visit somewhere new, and you will be given prompts to set you on your creative journey.
Following an initial introductory session at the Mary Ward Centre, you will be visiting a different location each week for three hours of on-the-spot creativity. After a lunch break, back at the Mary Ward Centre, you will share some of your brand new material in a supportive and constructive environment.

By the end of the course you should have:
- developed the skills for supporting and sustaining your practice independently, and gained an appreciation of strategies you can employ on future visits to places of interest.
- developed confidence in sharing your own work, and in responding constructively to the work of others.
- started to explore the possibilities of using visual and writing practices together
- collected your own written and visual material from several locations to provide inspiration for further creative work.
- started to develop creative work from the written and visual material you created on location.
- reflected on how you can take this work further after the course.

What will it be like

Taking inspiration from the wealth of museums, galleries, and public buildings within a stone's throw of the Mary Ward Centre, you will be visiting new places each week, and discovering how to use these experiences as a spring board for your creativity.
At the start of each day, you will be provided with guidelines and prompts, along with on-hand support and tuition, and there will also be plenty of space to generate your own responses.
Back in class, you will be encouraged to share your work, and to participate in healthy and supportive feedback of each other's work.
The course is designed to allow individual learning paths and to provide participants with takeaway tools for generating their own material:
Your progression will be assessed:-
At the start: Through discussion, and your responses to tutor's questionnaire.
On the course: By sharing the material produced, and by observation and discussion. Guided peer feedback is encouraged alongside tutor feedback.
At the end: The tutor will provide verbal feedback, and peer discussion will be supported and encouraged.

What else do you need to buy or do

We shall be visiting venues either where entrance is free, or where free entrance has been arranged for the group. (Venues will be confirmed after the first meeting at The Mary Ward Centre.)
Please ensure you are wearing comfortable walking shoes and appropriate clothing for being out and about.
Materials will vary depending on how you wish to approach the course: Bring any combination of pens, paper, sketchbooks, notebooks, cameras, etc. - but mainly bring enthusiasm and a willingness to play.
First meeting will begin at the Mary Ward.
Handouts and additional materials if required will be provided where necessary.

What this course could lead to

After this course students can continue on the range of courses from either Arts or Creative Writing, or try one of the other short courses, such as Writing the City; Poetry at the Museum; or Coming To Your Senses.
The tutor can advise on appropriate options.

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