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Carl Jung: The Roots Of His Thought And Practice

The Swiss psychologist, C.G.Jung, was basically a child of his time in respect to European culture, society and philosophical thought. In this course we will explore questions like: what was Jungs own psychological make-up? why did he have a nervous breakdown and with what outcomes? what are the origins of his ideas regarding archetypes such as the anima, the psyche, the shadow and so on? Can he be called a scientist, an artist, a mystic or even all of these at once? Did he see himself as some kind of messiah figure with disciples as some of his critics have claimed? These issues will be confronted in tandem with an exposition of his key themes together with an overall evaluation.

Who is this course for

No prior knowledge is required but students should have an interest in psychology, personal development and the history of ideas.

What does this course cover

The influences on Jung from philosophers, hypnotists, and others; his concept of archetype; his mystic and Gnostic interests (e.g. his Seven Sermons to the Dead); his nervous breakdown and the writing of his `magical diary', the Red Book; his art work; the `Jung industry' including his disciples, his school and publishing outlets; his alleged `messiah complex' and critical evaluations. The relationship of Jung to the esoteric including myth and alchemy.

By the end of the course students should have a comprehensive grasp of Jung's work and should be able to:
- critically appraise his contribution to psychoanalytical thought and practice
- distinguish between the scientific and the mystical currents in his outlook
- differentiate the varied kinds of archetype in his scheme and apply accordingly

What will it be like

Exposition, discussion, group work, questionnaires, illustrative material, assessment of feedback, etc.

What else do you need to buy or do

Read around the subject (a reading list will be provided); search relevant links on the internet; notebook, loose-leaf file or folder, etc.

What this course could lead to

Other courses by the tutor and by others on personal development, psychoanalytic thought, mysticism and myth.

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