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Circle Dances From Around The World

Beautiful, evocative music and dances from many world cultures. Good for co-ordination, uplifting and fun.

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone who has a desire to learn simple dances to glorious and often haunting music ranging from stately and meditative to exciting and exuberant. It is suitable for most levels of physical ability although major hip problems could be an obstacle with the twisting steps in some of the dances. While a degree of co-ordination and ease with movement is helpful, no previous experience or particular talent for dancing is required.

What does this course cover

We will dance a range of easily accessible circle and spiral dances - including both authentic folk dances and choreographed dances from many cultures, especially Greek, Balkan, Russian, Gypsy, Turkish, Armenian and Israeli. We will also learn the few basic steps that are common to most of the vast and ever-growing Circle Dance repertoire. And without being precious, we will aim to develop sensitivity to the flavour and energy of the dances and the stillness within the movement. The emphasis will be on flow, relaxation and enjoyment rather than technical perfection. Some brief and gentle warm up exercises may be included as well as, time permitting, an easy system of dance notation.

What will it be like

The atmosphere in the class will be such as to allow participants to take the course at their own pace. For example, should they encounter difficulties because of physical problems with certain steps, such as the twisting grapevine step, they can either adapt that part of the dance to their capacity as long as this doesn't disrupt the dance for the others, or sit that dance out. Likewise for anyone experiencing learning overload, although the pace will be gentle so that is not very likely.

What else do you need to buy or do

No materials required- just yourself in comfortable clothing and light non-slip footwear - or you may dance barefoot if you prefer. You may also like to bring a notepad.

What this course could lead to

Students can continue onto the next course as new dances will be taught each term.

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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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