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Clearing Clutter – Tidying Up Your Life

Sample ideas from Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondos 3 million selling book on finding happiness through clearing external and internal clutter. Whether you are a hoarder or a compulsive tidier, the message is the same. A messy environment speaks of a messy mind. In order to spark your joy it is essential to create a quiet space in which to evaluate your possessions, the things in your life. First learn how to clear the clutter from your surroundings then you can pause to find happiness by tidying your mind.

Who is this course for

People who feel they might benefit from regular weekly coaching and feedback over six weeks as they attend to clearing physical and emotional clutter from their lives. You may have attempted to clear clutter before but find that things are soon back to the way they were before.

What does this course cover

idying methodology: tidy your belongings by category not by place. Before you start visualise your destination. We will weave how to choose what to keep - 'does it spark your joy', improving our visualisation of a joyful clutter-free destination. We will explore energy that is trapped in moments in time using gentle relaxation, aiming to re-capture that lost energy and enabling us to get back into the flow of life.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

Identify whether you are a hoarder, a compulsive tidier or just plain messy.
Have a Tidying methodology: i.e. tidy your belongings by category not by place.
Identify which of your possessions 'sparks your joy', and what's not worth keeping.
Plan your external and internal space tidying ahead with increased confidence.

What will it be like

Experential: Participants work with their own work or life situations. Whole class teaching, small group activities, practical exercises and discussion topics. You will be encouraged to apply the skills learned on this course to your work and life.

What else do you need to buy or do

Notebook and pen would be useful.
To integrate the new strategies into your everyday life and communication and engaging with others.

What this course could lead to

Other personal development courses at Mary Ward Centre such as Making Positive Changes, NLP, Thinking, Listening and Connecting to Others

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