Combining Glass And Ceramics

This course explores the relationship between ceramics and glass. You will learn basic model and mould making for fused glass and explore combinations of ceramic forms and fired glass.

Who is this course for

Suitable for all levels although a basic knowledge of ceramic processes and/or glass fusion techniques would allow the student to experiment further.

What does this course cover

Topics will include:

1 Mould making in both plaster and ceramic.
2 Make ceramic objects for later combination with glass.
3 Moulds and other ceramic items in combination with glass: moulding, fusing into ceramic forms, or devising glass pieces to be used in constructed combinations.
4 Thinking about composition: hanging framing, stacking, transparency versus opacity, semi transparency of porcelain, sound.
5. Work towards a finished piece or continue experimenting and apply techniques during other glass classes.
By the end you should:
Have had the opportunity to experiment with ceramics and glass in combination. Understand the principles behind of glass fusing and slumping techniques, and basic ceramic techniques, including mould making and slip casting.
Experiment and demonstrate the ability to constructively criticise your own work and that of others.

What will it be like

The course consists of demonstrations, discussions of contextual work, one to one support and group tutorials.
Assessment is continual and based on progress towards the students initial aims and tutor observations.
One-to-one support will be given to identify goals and set targets.
Assessment will be through group feedback sessions.

What else do you need to buy or do

Look for inspiration, make notes of ideas for development or themes to work on.
Look for visual references to support ideas

What this course could lead to

Students can develop their skills further by progressing on to other Mary Ward Centre courses in Glass.
Courses including fused glass 'Designing and Making in Glass,' 'Stained Glass', 'Mosaic Art and Ceramic Processes for Sculpture

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