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Dancing for Pleasure and Health

Move to music in a way that's enjoyable, healthy and easy-going. There are no steps to learn and you don't need to be fit. The class is based on Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythm Wave.

Who is this course for

Anyone who wants to move to music. No previous experience is expected..

What does this course cover

1 Warming up and loosening of joints and muscles.
2.The course is based on Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythm 'Wave'. In a typical class, students dance a Wave, moving through, Flowing, Staccato, Chaos and Lyrical to stillness.
3. Students explore these different rhythms and various ways of moving in them; involving stretching, twisting, bending; working with elements of space, weight, effort and direction.
4. There are no steps to learn, each person's movement being unique.
5. Students are encouraged to breathe more deeply, pay closer attention to their body and their own movement while on their own, with a partner, or in a group.
6. Some discussion regarding awareness of movement, sound, changes in mood and energy. Some discussion of the use of images. Some discussion regarding emotion, connection and topics raised by students.

1. Have an increased capacity for breath.
2. Have an extended ability for movement in a pleasurable and fun environment on your own, with a partner and in a group.
3.Listen and respond through movement to different types of music from many parts of the world.
4. Communicate effectively and honestly through movement, sound and images.
5. Observe rather than judge the work of other students.

What will it be like

The tutor plays music and encourages students to move, following their ability and fitness.

The tutor also uses appropriate music and examples to evoke the 5 Rhythms in each dancer and to encourage finding physical forms not usually exercised and to encourage an increased awareness of moment-by-moment feeling.

There is instruction about and discussion of the awareness of movement, sound and changes in mood and enegy. There is also discussion of the use of images, emotion, connection and other related topics raised by students.

Informal tutor feedback. Students may ask for feedback at any time. Tutor Observations

What else do you need to buy or do

None, but comfortable shoes and clothes are needed to maximise movements.

Drinking Water
There is a water fountain on the 3rd floor. However, students wishing to have water in the studio in the basement, should bring a bottle, as the fountain there is designed for bottle filling only.

What this course could lead to

There are many other longer classes in London and throughout the country.
The tutor will advise.

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