Developing Lateral Thinking

Learn a range of techniques so you can develop innovative thinking, free your mind from assumptions and come up with unconventional ways of approaching everyday problems.

Who is this course for

This is an introductory course that is aimed at students who have no or little experience of the techniques and methods for developing lateral thinking. We will look at different aspects of lateral thinking and examples will be given as to how it is applied in different contexts.
With some of the problems we face, a conventional approach does not always work and we have to come up with more novel alternatives. Lateral thinking is essentially about how to develop these alternatives and how to approach problems from different angles in order to get new insights. Lateral thinking can be used in business, education and personal development.
Students should have a good working knowledge of English.

What does this course cover

We will use games, puzzles and case studies to examine how lateral thinking can be developed and applied.

We will look at the different aspects which are crucial for thinking laterally including:
- How to identify and challenge your own assumptions
- How to generate new and innovative ideas
- How to free up your mind to think differently
- How to solve problems using lateral thinking

What will it be like

Students will participate in a diverse range of games, activities and exercises aimed at liberating their lateral thinking. These will be done individually, in pairs, small groups and sometimes as a whole class. Some activities will involve trying to solve puzzles and conundrums. There will also be opportunity for discussion and feedback from activities.
We aim to take a lateral approach to the teaching and so some teaching methods may appear quite unusual and students should come to the class with an open mind and prepared to learn in different ways.
Assessment will be very informal and students will be encouraged to apply the techniques learnt to their everyday lives and assess for themselves how effective they are and how they could be improved.

What else do you need to buy or do

Bring along a pen and some paper for notes

What this course could lead to

You will be provided with a reading list if you wish to do some self-study in this area.

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