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Develop and improve skills and techniques in drawing and drawing for painting.

Who is this course for

This course is for everyone wanting to explore fully the art of drawing in a friendly and accessible ambience, and to study drawing in a variety of contexts and approaches. A perfect next step for those who attended the Absolute Beginners course, although beginners are very welcome as no previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

What does this course cover

The course explores the following approaches to mark making and composition contrasts of: Line, tonal character, apearance and structure, contour, shape, weight and density, measurement and proportion strategies. The picture plane, 1 & 2 point perspective, compositional organisation and structure, gesture, rythm and energy, 'automatic' drawing, spatial and other tensions, appearance of forms in light, sequencing, repeat forms and pattern, narrative, mood, emotional response and development, imaginative composition, some colour.

Theory, use and application of drawing and materials in a variety of context. Combinations and juxtaposition of the above. To include use of: pencils, charcoals, graphite, conte', pastels, pens, watercolour, use of acrylic paint, monoprint and combinations of these. The course, incorporates a look at significant examples of artists' drawings in context.

What will it be like

Guidance and support is provided in accordance with individual needs and aspirations. The syllabus is formed through adherence to group projects normally of 2-3 weeks duration with some single session projects. Some projects are based on research visits to museum and other locations. A tutor introduction may include a demonstration of projects themes or objectives with individual guidance and support generally by example and the tutor aiming to review individual student progress at regular intervals.

How we assess your progress on the course
Feedback and an on-going assessment of students' work takes the form of a 15 minute appraisal at the close of each session where students can compare, contrast, discuss and share comment on progress and experiences. Individual feedback given while students are working, takes the form of critical guidance and support with an indication or assessment of work in progress. There are also opportunities to review and assess student achievements in exhibitions of work at the Centre.

What else do you need to buy or do

A list of likely materials and media will be issued at the start of the course with advice and guidance on essential requirements and an estimate of the overall cost. Please bring some charcoal to your first session. Estimated cost; you should not need to spend more than £20-30 depending on quality of materials you wish to use.

What this course could lead to

Join other Art classes at Mary Ward Centre and elsewhere. There is an accredited programme of art Pre-foundation and Foundation Access to HE at Mary Ward Centre.

Incorporate drawing practice into further desired art activity and projects. For example, build sketchbooks into a visual life-diary!.

There is detailed information in reception about all our courses at the Mary Ward Centre and a library of prospectus for other London Colleges to help you continue your studies. If you need more detailed advice, please ask your tutor.
Information about learning opportunities can be obtained from Learn Direct: Tel: 0800 101 901, and from the following websites:,,,,

The Mary Ward Centre has allowed me to let go of creative restraints, it's given me confidence and I've learnt a lot of new techniques. Now I can really draw from my heart!



This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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