ESOL L1 Preparation

Are you above Entry 3 ESOL but not ready for Level 1? This is the course for you. There will be a lot of attention on accurate writing, quick reading and speaking with good grammar. By the end of this course, you will be ready to make quick progress on Level 1.

Who is this course for

This course helps prepare you for ESOL Level 1. It is the right course for you if:

You have passed Entry 3 exams or are above pre-intermediate level but are not ready for the Level 1 intermediate course. You can communicate quite well in English especially in conversations but you need to improve your formal speaking and grammar. Reading and writing are the main areas you need to improve. You can read and write short emails and letters , but you need to practise reading more quickly and writing sentences without mistakes.

What does this course cover

In this course, you will practise speaking and listening, but there will be special attention on reading and writing.

You will improve your vocabulary and your spelling. You will practise writing accurate sentences with good grammar. You will also learn how to prepare and organise your writing - how to take notes, write an introduction and conclusion, and arrange your ideas. Many students write in the same way as they speak. On this course, you will learn how to make your writing different from your speaking.

What will it be like

The teacher will use videos, YouTube, stories, pictures, recordings and an electronic whiteboard to introduce language. You will read a lot of texts and you will do many varied activities to ensure you are developing all aspects of your language. You will work in groups, pairs and on your own. You will discuss many topics to encourage you to communicate fully.

The teacher will assess your speaking, listening, reading and writing by giving you activities to do and some tests. The teacher will talk regularly to you about your progress and what you need to do in order to improve.

What else do you need to buy or do

You need an A4 file, paper, pens and pencils. An English-English dictionary is also useful. Other materials and books are available in the Student Resource Room.
You need to do homework and prepare for exams. Reading, writing, speaking and listening exams will take place throughout the course.

What this course could lead to

This course will prepare you for Level 1 ESOL. You may be able to go to a L1 course in Semester 2. Other courses you could do after or at the same time as this course include: Speak Your Mind and Get Grammar E3-L1.

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