Experimental Printmaking (Advanced)

Get creative and challenge yourself!

Who is this course for

Those interested in attending 3 wonderfully intensive days of fantastic printmaking using traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques.

What does this course cover

Day 1 will include varied techniques such as monoprinting, drypoint line printing, using multiple layers and found objects and printing from hand cut plates. Day 1 will also include a short research study trip within the local area, to collect or produce material for the next printmaking day.
Day 2 will introduce using chine-collé and mixing this with the printmaking techniques from day 1.
Day 3 will feature techniques such as using transparent inks, and overprinting work from day 1 and 2 with masks and stencils. In Day 3, you may opt to carry out their own project independently, and should seek tutor advice during day 1 or 2 to prepare.

What will it be like

The last 2 days you will have 3 hours in the mornings of experimental stencil & plate making, and colour planning & testing, followed after lunch by a glorious 3 hour session of pure print! Morning coffee and afternoon tea breaks will be scheduled by students in the sessions and encouraged, and you will be able to work at your own pace to explore as many (or as few) inventive techniques as you like. The course will be taught by an experienced printmaking tutor who will be on hand all the time offering guidance, advice and support for you and your developing printmaking project. On the evening of day 2 (or the morning of day 3) you will be invited to pause to consider the work critically in a class critique, and this will enable you to plan your next moves and how to complete your projects. At the end of 3 days you should expect to leave with a portfolio of completed prints, and some which could be worked further. You will develop knowledge of potentially new techniques, a deeper understanding of old ones and inspiration to do more!

What else do you need to buy or do

Students should bring a sketchbook or scrapbook of ideas to use as inspiration, and ideally will have some experience of intaglio printmaking such as etching or dry point. All materials are included, but students are able to buy sheets of specialist printmaking paper for use in the course.

What this course could lead to

Students attending this course may wish to take advantage of the 2 day course in Advanced / Open Access Printmaking, which follow on directly from this one. Those who book onto both courses will experience the benefits of a 5 day progression course. Other courses in the department or elsewhere (the new Mary Ward prospectus will be available from early June), building skills and confidence towards Pre-Foundation and Foundation courses, Degree courses.

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