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Extra Gentle Pilates

A series of gentle pilates exercises and stretches to strengthen the body, improve balance and increase flexibility. This is a gentler class, suitable for beginners, and anyone with limited mobility through injury, illness, age or inactivity, but please note, some exercises are mat-based, and therefore carried out on the floor.

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Who is this course for

A series of gentle Pilates exercises introducing the Pilates principles and learn about posture, balance, breath, coordination, strength, alignment, flexibility and mobility. This Pilates class is a gentler class suitable for beginners, for people with limited mobility through injury, illness, age or inactivity.

Pilates is a holistic practice, training the whole body. With regular practice you will improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, alignment, breathing and posture.

If you have specific injuries or health problems please get advice from a medical practitioner before enrolling.

What does this course cover

The practice of Pilates, a system of movement that strengthens the core muscles of the body. Movements involve standing, seated, kneeling and lying down postures. Offering a range of variations in all exercises.
Pilates sessions will relieve stress, tension and promote a feeling of well being. Pilates movements are often small but precise, requiring full concentration of mind and body, which are united into each movement.
Pilates exercises are not static or isolated; fluidity is key and movement should flow.
- Engage the postural muscles of your core before you move your body in everyday situations
- A range of Pilates moves displaying correct alignment and control of your body

What will it be like

- Tutor will be verbally and physically demonstrating the movements as the class join with her.
- Tutor will be giving verbal feedback as well as visual feedback to correct their movements and postures.
At the start: Tutor observes technique, student self assessment
On the course: Combination of instructor and student assessment on the techniques and moves.
At the end: As above

What else do you need to buy or do

Pilates mats and props are provided, Those who wish to have extra padding can bring a large towel. Students should wear loose comfortable clothing and avoid eating a heavy meal before class.
Drinking Water: Students wishing to have water in the studio should bring a cup or bottle, as the fountain there is designed for filling only.

What this course could lead to

Continue with Pilates either at the Mary Ward Centre or elsewhere.
Places on the next term are not guaranteed, students who wish to continue must enrol in advance.


I have taken a lot of courses at the Mary Ward Centre, including Pilates, Yoga and Dance. They have all improved my wellbeing and the staff and tutors are supportive, helpful and humorous.



This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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