Fashion: 100 Years Of Fashion

Explore key social, cultural and revolutionary moments in fashion history over the last century.

Who is this course for

This course is for those who are keen to explore key social, cultural, and revolutionary moments in Fashion history and theory over the 10 decades of western fashion from the Edwardian era to the present day. You will learn how men's and women's styles have evolved in response to these changes and also how Haute Couture fashion developed through most of the 20th century; about music such as jazz, rock and roll, disco, hip hop and pop have evolved and inspired fashion styles; how film influences fashion. If you have a keen interest of clothes and culture then this course is for you.

What does this course cover

This short course is an introduction to Fashion History and will focus on:

- At the start of the century Art Nouveau, following on from the crafts movement, heralded the mood of change from an old world to a modern era.
- La Belle poque captures the mood in that indefinable time of beautiful dress and luxury living in the two decades before WW1
- The 'Flapper' of the 1920's to the 'Stylish Thirties'
- The austere era of Utility clothing of the 1940s to the post-war romance of Dior's New Look
- Hollywood Glamour, Pret-a-Porter and Rock and Roll.
- The upsurge of youth culture and the legacy of street style
- Visits to museum collections

By the end of the course you will be able to:
- Develop your research and communicate what you learn with friends and peers
- Increased your knowledge and find out more on the subject
- Source and visit other exhibitions and galleries

What will it be like

This structured course is based on illustrated lectures, visual handouts and group discussions and a trip to an exhibition or museum. This will be supported by hand-outs. Students will be encouraged to comment about each other's work (peer centred learning). Your progress is monitored by tutor feedback and initial, on-course and end of course self-assessment. Individual advice is always available and verbal feedback, support and encouragement is given to you throughout the course.

- Questions and answers during group discussions and one-to-one teaching.
- Record students' progress and achievement on an assessment sheet as they achieve the course
- Practical work produced is evidence of learning.
- At the end of the course we will review and assess the work.

What else do you need to buy or do

Students will need access to a computer and library for research.
Selection of pencils, pens
A4 folder with plastic pockets for handouts

What this course could lead to

This course could lead to other Fashion and Sewing courses at the Mary Ward Centre or another further education college. The student could continue on this course, take a follow up short course or a longer term or year long course. It could also inspire self-initiated projects.

There is detailed information in Reception about all our courses at the Mary Ward Centre and a library of prospectuses for other London colleges to help you continue your studies. If you need more detailed advice, please speak to the tutor.
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