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Fitness in Retirement

We work on posture, mobility, flexibility, balance and muscle tone to help circulation and relaxation.

Who is this course for

For men and women in their retirement who want to keep mobile and flexible. Newcomers welcome. Regular attendance is important. Previous experience of fitness classes not essential. We cater for all abilities. If students cannot do an activity an alternative is provided.

However, if you are considering exercising for the first time or after a long break it is recommended that you consult your health care provider first. If you have an uncontrolled medical condition such as high blood pressure or a very high resting heart then you must not participate until you have clearance from your GP. If you have an acute illness or medical condition please do not attend class until you are feeling better.

What does this course cover

We work principally on improving mobility, flexability, co-ordination, posture and strengthening muscles to aid balance. Music is carefully choosen to assist movement and provide a variety of moods and tempos. You are welcome to rest if you feel you need to and there is the option to work seated at times if you prefer.
We end with a cool down, passive stretch and three minutes guidance in deep relaxation.
By the end you should:
1. Move more easily, be more alert, and have a wider range of movement than before (other things being equal)
2. Sense which muscles maintain good posture and are required in each movement practised.Sense how and when to use energy and relaxation in different parts of the body. Know how to avoid some common causes of strain and injury.
3. Know by heart some exercises to do at home to keep trim and feel good.
4. Understand how to use food, sleep and Lifestyle in keeping fit in retirement.

What will it be like

Exercises are taught in small sections with plenty of explanation, then put together. Questions are welcome but learning is chiefly by watching and having a go. Once learnt, routines are practised with minimal explanation and maximum activity. Student feedback on exercises helps modify the course. You are welcome to offer new exercises to the class for trial, but discovery work from scratch in class would slow down the pace too much.
The teacher will keep an eye out for those in difficulty, and will praise good work, and occasionally come round to check posture. Once routines are established, mistakes will be corrected quietly or indirectly (by going through the exercise in detail for everyone emphasising basic principles, a useful reminder for all).

If students wish to set themselves specific targets, the teacher will be pleased to monitor progress in these targets by arrangement before the class.

What else do you need to buy or do

Please come in loose or stretching clothes for ease of movement. Skirts are not suitable for floorwork. Please wear either non-slip socks or lightweight shoes with flexible soles.

Extra practice at home is essential for real progress. For general fitness, students are advised to keep active and moving frequently, e.g. swimming, going for walks, or taking other Mary Ward Centre classes from the Health section, such as Dancing for Pleasure and Health, Line Dancing, Circle Dancing, Tai Chi , Pilates or Yoga.

What this course could lead to

Students are invited to re-enrol for this class in order to maintain fitness and join one of the other Mary Ward classes from the Health section

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I am very happy with the Mary Ward Centre, especially the way the special needs are cared for.

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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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