Get A Life – Making Positive Changes

Want to change your job or start a new career? Looking for greater work life balance? Do you have something you always wanted to achieve but don't know where to start? In this interactive one-day course, you will learn some effective ways to set goals, achieve them and then continue to maintain them. We will examine why making decisions and changes can be difficult and how to overcome some of these blocks. You will get tools, techniques and inspiration on how to make positive changes to your life.

Who is this course for

This one-day workshop is for you if you want to achieve a goal in your life but are unsure how to start. It will also be useful if you're someone who keeps procrastinating and putting off some of the changes you really want to make to your life. You don't need any knowledge, just a willingness to try some different things out and to share your experiences with other people who are in a similar position to you.

If English isn't your first language, then you will need a good standard of spoken English to participate in fully in the workshop.

What does this course cover

The course give you the tools and techniques to set goals, to develop action plans to achieve them and how best to maintain them.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:
- Define your goal
- Know the first steps you need to take
- Appreciate some of the barriers that get in the way of you achieving your goal and have a plan about how you will overcome these
- Have the start of an action plan to take your goal forward and make it happen

What will it be like

There will be a range of individual, pair and group work to help you work towards your goals and appreciate what might be holding you back from achieving them. The workshop is very interactive and participatory. The tutor will also share some tips and ideas and will encourage you to share what you find makes the difference between having just a goal or idea in your head and instead having the reality that you want to achieve.

What else do you need to buy or do

If you want to, you can bring something to make notes on but you will get lots of handouts and materials.

You will need an open mind, a commitment to making the changes in your life you want to realise, and it also helps if you bring along to the class a sense of humour. However, the latter is not mandatory.

After the class has ended, you should have some of the tools, techniques and inspiration to make positive changes to your life and achieve your goals. But making these changes happen will require a commitment on your part to doing further work and developing your action plan.

What this course could lead to

The Mary Ward Centre offers a range of other courses which will complement this workshop such as Finding Your Ideal Career or some of the courses we offer on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

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