Get Grammar (E2-E3)

Confused by verb tenses? Unsure about prepositions, comparatives and superlatives, countable or
uncountable nouns? This short course will help you with English grammar and increase your confidence
to speak and write English well. This can support you on your general English course.

Who is this course for

This course is for students at intermediate level. This is the course for you if:

You are a good E3 student or in a Level 1 class and you need to focus on your grammar. You can probably speak quite well and people understand you, but you make mistakes. You probably find writing more difficult than speaking. You have studied quite a lot of grammar but you are confused - for example, about verb tenses or the names of parts of speech. This course will simplify grammar issues for you and increase your confidence to study on your own

What does this course cover

The teaching will focus on the main grammar needs of the students. The main areas you are likely to cover include: verb tenses (past simple, past continuous, present perfect); the use of passive; the use of modals (should, ought, may, might); collocations (e.g. phrases with prepositions such as interested in/frightened of); the use of a/an/the.

What will it be like

In this class, you will always study grammar in context. You will read stories, listen to conversations, discuss topics or pictures and then study the grammar you need. You will NOT be doing lots of grammar worksheets. The teacher will use YouTube, songs, stories, pictures, recordings and an electronic whiteboard to introduce language. You will work in groups, pairs and on your own. The tutor will help you discover the grammar rules not just tell you. The classes will be interactive with lots of communication.

What else do you need to buy or do

You need an A4 file, paper, pens and pencils. An English-English dictionary is also useful. Other materials and books are available in the Student Resource Room.

You need to keep a file with all your work in and you need to do homework to ensure you progress as well as you can.

What this course could lead to

This course will help you on your General ESOL E3 or L1 course. It could also help prepare you for one of these classes. Other classes you could do either afterwards or at the same time include Speak Your Mind or the Level 1 Preparation class. The course will also be helpful if you need extra practice before the exams.

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