Glass And Ceramic Tiles

This course will teach ways to combine ceramics and glass to create tiles. This will include wells to contain molten glass, techniques for texturing and firing ceramic formers to create glass tiles. Experimentation with other combinations and possibilities is encouraged. Suitable for students of any level.

Who is this course for

Suitable for all levels although a basic knowledge of ceramic processes and/or glass fusion techniques would allow the student to experiment further.

What does this course cover

In this short course we will be looking at a number of different ways to combine ceramics and glass to create tiles. Creating wells to contain mouten glass; texturing and firing ceramic formers to create glass tiles; and experimenting with other techniques to create new combinations and possibilities.

What will it be like

The course consists of demonstrations of techniques and discussions of the work produced.
Assessment is continual and based on progress towards the student's initial aims and tutor observations.
One-to-one support will be given to identify goals and set targets.
Assessment will be through group feedback sessions.

What else do you need to buy or do

We charge a small amount for clay and firing beyond an allotted amount. Most basic materials and equipment are supplied. Some students, however, may wish to purchase special clays. It is also recommended that you begin to build up your own collection of modelling and other hand tools. Advice on selecting materials and building up a tool kit and purchasing, will be given by the tutor. Costs in the region of five pounds to twenty five pounds.

Students should wear stout shoes and bring an apron or old shirt; sculpture can be messy, and dusty.

It is helpful to visit galleries and museums outside of class time to develop awareness of contemporary art and particularly of ceramic tiles being exhibited. This knowledge can be shared with the group. A willingness to gather resource materials and develop ideas will enrich your work.

What this course could lead to

Other art courses at Mary Ward Centre including Pre-Foundation in Applied or Fine Art courses, Foundation into Art and Design.
Students can develop their skills further by progressing on to other Mary Ward Centre courses in Glass.
Courses including fused glass 'Designing and Making in Glass,' 'Stained Glass', 'Mosaic Art and Ceramic Processes for Sculpture.

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