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Herbs And Body Systems

For those who have completed a beginners herbalism course before. Explore the use of healing plants to support and strengthen the body, and examine how different plants have affinity for different systems of the body. Covers treatment strategies for disorders of the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems, including allergies and stress, as well as skin disorders, musculoskeletal system and the urinary system. In each session we will look at the basic anatomy of the relevant body system. This course will include a
plant identification herb walk to help identify some
of the medicinal plants growing in London.

Available Classes:

Who is this course for

Students who have attended the beginner's course and who wish to take their studies further.

What does this course cover

The course covers: a basic study of the body's systems and how to use herbs to help out when they are not functioning as well as they might. We will look at:-
- The digestive system: the organs involved and how they work, herbal strategies for digestive dis-ease, including indigestion, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea.
- The cardiovascular system: useful herbs, diet and lifestyle in the management of high blood pressure, poor circulation, atherosclerosis and varicose veins.
- The respiratory system: how lungs function in health and illness. Useful herbs for coughs and bronchitis.
- Stress and the neuroendocrine system. The adrenal glands and the pysiological effects of stress. Using herbs and diet to maintain a healthy nervous system and energy balance.
- The immune system. Allergic reactions, eg Hayfever. Useful herbs and dietry strategies.
Identify how to use diet, herbs and other factors to maintain a healthful state
Have a greater understanding of the systems covered, how they work and how you can use herbs to improve their functioning.
Select a balanced mix of herbs to treat common complaints.
Be aware of when it is appropriate to consult a trained professional

What will it be like

Lectures, class discussion and group exercises. Tutor feedback

What else do you need to buy or do

No special materials are required. All materials needed for making herbal preparations can be found in the home or are easily available in herb shops.

What this course could lead to

Students may be interested in courses in alternative medicine, including professional herbalism courses such as BSc courses. About 10% of students have gone on to professional study and many more have found the course useful in their work including: nature conservation; massage; acupuncture; and working in health food shops.

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This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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