Holiday Spanish

Who is this course for

This course is for people with no previous knowledge of Spanish , or those who know a few words and phrases. The content of the course is practical and will be useful to people wanting to get by in Spanish on a trip abroad or to talk to Spanish speakers overseas.

What does this course cover

The emphasis of the course is on the spoken language and the understanding of spoken and written Spanish. The aims are: to build student's confidence to speak Spanish and develop listening skills and, to a lesser extent, reading and writing skills. Attention is given to good pronunciation and intonation.
The topics covered will include: Greetings, introductions, meeting people, talking about yourself, numbers, in the bar and restaurant: ordering food and drinks, finding your way, asking and saying where places are, description of places and towns, booking into a hotel, telling the time, expressing likes and dislikes, shopping: types of shops/products, means of transport.
The course incorporates these objectives:
- introduce yourself, say hello and goodbye
- give and ask for basic and personal information
- buy items in shops, talk about quantities and prices
- order food and drinks
- describe places (cities, towns)
- ask for and give directions
- tell the time
- express likes and dislikes
- book into a hotel
- buy tickets, enquire about departure/arrival times.

What will it be like

The course is taught in Spanish. Students listen and work with sound recordings regularly. Emphasis is on effective communication. There is plenty of conversation practice between the tutor and the group and in pairs. Errors are corrected where they relate to a specific language point being learned and where the message is confused.
Where the meaning is conveyed, mistakes are not corrected since this would impede fluency. Reading and writing exercises are usually given for homework.
Your tutor will assess your learning throughout the course and you will receive regular feedback. You will also have the opportunity to evaluate your own progress and discuss it with your tutor at the end of the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

Pen, paper and a folder. You will be given homework to revise your learning and to prepare for the next lesson. It is expected that you do regular self study to further your language learning. You should ideally spend some time every day practising the language. Independent work will be encourage.

What this course could lead to

Spanish 1A ,1B at the Centre

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