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This popular desktop publishing program is used commercially to produce posters, flyers, and brochures and has the capabilities for full magazine or book production. The course starts by covering the basic features of the program e.g. managing the work area, setting up documents, frames, importing & exporting text, typography and colour. It then continues on to the more complex features of the program e.g. styles, process colours, effects, and how to create an interactive document.

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Who is this course for

This is a Desktop Publishing program that is used to produce handouts, booklets brochures and magazines. It is widely used commercially. Students must have previous experience of computing, preferably in wordprocessing.
Please note that if you are more than 30 minutes late for your course the tutor can not let you start as it disrupts the learning of the other students.

What does this course cover

This course offers training in all the elementary Desktop Publishing production features. It then introduces the more complex features of the program. It is a particularly good course for vocational students requiring Desk Top Publishing in addition to other computing office skills.+
Constructing documents, Layers, Hyphenation, Justification and Alignment, Create Styles, Tables, Lists, Libraries, Wrapping Text around imported graphics and Introduction to Books; Edit Text; Work with Typography, Leading, Kerning, Tracking and Drop Caps; Control Text Alignment; Work with Styles, Nesting, Importing, Table Styles; Work with Process Colours, Spot Colours and Pantone; Create and Apply a Colour, a Gradient and a Tint; Create a Spot Colour; Use Effects e.g. Transparency, Drop Shadow, Feathering; Work with Output and Export, Preflight, Package Files and PDF Proof; Create an Interactive Document

What will it be like

Demonstration using Smartboard through computer-linked projectors, exposition and discussion. One-to-one and Group work. Through tutor-guidance and hands-on experience, the completion of the course objectives.+
Ongoing monitoring of students' work including questions, observation and tasks. Start and End of class student self-assessment/achievement tick sheet.

What else do you need to buy or do

Materials are supplied free of charge by the Centre.+
As much practice as possible to reinforce learning. This may be at home or elsewhere or from homework given by the tutor.

What this course could lead to

Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver web design courses.

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