Inklings: Echoes And Voices

A follow-on course from Inklings: Write Your Self. You will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the
themes that arise from your non-stop writing and the chance to explore your creativity and keep surprising yourself. This course builds to a playful climax that will help you make more sense of your own story.

Who is this course for

This course is open to those who have completed 'Inklings: write your self' and it will follow a similar structure and group contract. You will again be encouraged to share some of what you write as this is a valued part of each group experience so please come willing to do so.
You need to be able to listen & respond to others and take part in discussions and you can choose do the written activities in any language.

What does this course cover

The theme of this course is 'Echoes & Voices'. You will continue to to use your writing to unearth and track the voices, people & themes that emerge as significant for you. We'll use a range of new & different prompts to help you pay attention to your patterns and 'Inner Voices' - where do they come from? Are they in harmony or conflict? Are they really you?
Topics include:
- How to 'mine' a theme and look for patterns
- Playing with words to empower and disempower
- Making connections through metaphor
- Dialogues and contradictions: re-write your script
- Group wordplay.

By the end of the course you should be able to:
1. Practise non-stop writing with increased confidence.
2. Describe at least 3 different writing exercises which can be used to explore a particular theme.
3. Describe a new insight into your own narrative, gained through, or prompted by, writing.
4. Present or share at least 1 piece of writing within the group.

What will it be like

It will be fun, full of writing and more self discovery. We will continue to use 'non-stop writing' as the core activity and you will work with personal themes that arise from mixed media prompts. The exercises are designed to help you explore the many memories and relationships that have shaped your life, inviting you to re-assess your own narrative, make connections and gain a better understanding of your helpful and un-helpful patterns.
Each session will include writing activities and discussion (pairs & groups) about process and all that may arise by surprise. As you gain confidence there will inevitably be more output and we'll look to honour that in a variety of ways.
Inklings courses are highly experiential so you will assess your own progress through self reflection and discussion, the emphasis being on personal discovery and development rather than written merit or writing technique.

What else do you need to buy or do

Please bring: A writing notebook, (minimum A5 size), to use in class and a pen/pencil which enables you to write quickly & freely. There will be homework between sessions designed to consolidate the work done in class- it's not compulsory but will enhance your experience of the course.

What this course could lead to

You can join the Inklings Writing group, tutor to advise

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