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Inklings Stepping Stones (intermediate

A follow-on course for those whove completed the 6 week Inklings Intro & want to keep the surprises going. Well continue to explore thoughts & feelings through non-stop writing and playful exercises designed to tap into memories and keep you writing freely.

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Who is this course for

This course is open to those who have completed the Introduction 'Inklings: write your self' course and want to develop the stimulating practice of writing non-stop in response to various prompts. The course is open to anyone who can write by hand, at any level. You need to be able to listen and respond to others and take part in discussions but if English isn't your first language you can do the written activities in any language.

What does this course cover

'Inklings' is a cross between creative and therapeutic writing. Courses are built around the core practice of 'non-stop' writing to encourage creativity and bypass internal editors and censors.
In this follow-on course we'll use a mix of activities to get us writing about the past & the present. We will write around selected 'stepping stones' and significant life events to revisit & review how these have helped to shape who we are today and we'll consider how some of our current choices might be shaping our future selves.
We will use poems, time-lines and visualisation to prompt non-stop writing along with metaphor and dialogue to shift perspective and explore emerging themes in greater depth.
By the end of the course you should be able to:
1. Practise non-stop writing with increased confidence.
2. Describe at least 2 writing exercises which can be used to explore memories, thoughts & feelings.
3. Describe a new insight into your own narrative, gained through, or prompted by, writing.
4. Present or share at least 1 piece of writing within the group.

What will it be like

Non-stop writing is the core activity and much of the learning comes from paying attention to the creative process and how we feel before, during and after writing.

Each session includes check in & feedback on homework, one or more writing exercises or activities, discussion (pairs & groups) about the process of writing, accessing memory and imagination, sharing outcomes and options to develop work.
Written output can be shaped into pieces for sharing within the group supported by peer discussions to explore similarities and differences. Beyond the course, students are invited to submit some of their written pieces for a class booklet to honour their work.
Students assess their own progress through self reflection and discussion with tutor and peers, the emphasis being on personal discovery and development rather than written merit or writing technique.

What else do you need to buy or do

Please bring:
a new notebook, (minimum A5 size), to use for this class & between sessions and a pen/pencil which enables you to write quickly & freely.
You are encouraged to practise non-stop writing between sessions through set homework - it's not compulsory but most students find they want to make time for this. Homework tasks can usually be done in minutes rather than hours: 'little and often' being the desired aim but you're welcome to take this further if you have more time.

What this course could lead to

You can enrol on the next course; Inklings: Echoes and Voices or join the Inklings Writing Group. You can repeat the various Inklings courses at any time since writing output constantly changes and each group experience is different even though the structure and content may be similar. This course is a useful companion to counselling training, personal development and other creative writing courses

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