Intermediate Garden Design

Develop further garden design skills and create a design plan for your garden. For those who have completed the introduction or have basic prior knowledge.

Who is this course for

This course is intended for people who have a basic knowledge of gardening and/or garden design or have completed the Introduction to Garden Design course and would like to develop the skills to create a coherent and workable design plan including hard landscaping, features and planting plan.
It is intended to provide grounding in the concepts, techniques and approaches applicable to the subject.

Students may have a wish to gain an understanding of these to apply them to their own personal projects, or
equally could be interested in furthering their knowledge of the subject to a higher level.

What does this course cover

We will be exploring both contemporary and historical garden design with a particular focus on planting design. We will cover a number of techniques whilst developing a project idea.
This will include the following topics:
* Basic surveying
* Scale drawing
* Mood boards
* Design principles
* Mass and void
* Negative space
* Hard landscaping
* Garden features
* Plant identification
* Plant selection
* Plant form and texture

Some of these principles and techniques will be applied to a small garden design, which could be based on your own garden or one that is suggested.

We will also be covering some basic sketching techniques in order to develop the observation skills which are key to successful planting design.

We may visit two gardens. Details will be provided by the tutor at the start of the course.

By the end of the course students should have gained an understanding of the principles and techniques applicable to Garden Design. They should be able to plan adequately for an outdoor space and have developed a design for a specific garden.

What will it be like

Teaching methods:
* Visual demonstration and verbal explanation.
* Written handouts with visual diagrams.
* One-to-one teaching.
* Group discussions.

Learning methods:
* Hands on practical experience.
* Reading handouts and following instructions.
* One-to-one and group discussion

Questions and answers during group discussions and one-to-one teaching.
Record students' progress and achievement on an assessment sheet as they achieve the course objectives.
Practical work produced is evidence of learning.

What else do you need to buy or do

Circle template
Compass (with an extension bar for larger circles)
Pigment liners (2 thicknesses)
Scale ruler (metric, with scale 1:50)
Set square

Estimated cost £25

A small amount of preparation may be required prior to classes: some research, a visit, or sourcing materials, for example.

What this course could lead to

Any of the short courses dedicated to planting design and further garden design courses on offer next year.

Got a Question about this Course?

Contact Jackie Wamatha, the course administrator.

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