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Italian Language And Culture

Il corso è per studenti che vogliono migliorare sia la comunicazione che la comprensione della lingua
Italiana e che hanno già raggiunto un appropriato livello di competenza (i.e. CEFR B2 o equivalente).
Alla fine del corso riuscirete a esprimere opinioni e ipotesi e a sostenere una conversazione usando
una varietà di registri linguistici. Avrete inoltre ampliato il vostro lessico con argomenti riguardanti
le arti visive e la letteratura.

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Who is this course for

This course is designed for those who have studied Italian recently for 4 years and/or have completed stages 4b and 4c. It is suitable for learners able to understand Italian and communicate, though not necessarily accurately. It is expected that student enrolling for this course have reached B2 level of competency in the Common European Framework of Reference of Language (CEFR).

What does this course cover

The course emphasises oral communication and presents idiomatic language functionally within the framework of Italian culture and students' personal interests. The topics for reading focus on visual arts, literature, current affairs and present day Italian life, the objective of which is to inform and elicit lively discussion. The course is taught exclusively in Italian and it is expected that student will also use only Italian to communicate in class.
You will be consolidating CEFR B2 level of competency while working towards achieving the next level (C1) By the end of the course you will
- Express your opinions, feelings, likes and dislikes, and make hypotheses on a variety of subjects (e.g. visual arts, literature, music, history and current affairs)
- Enhance your Italian listening skills by understanding the main points of clear standard speech and or TV programs.
- Understand texts written for native speakers, such as newspaper, magazine articles and short stories.
- Use important grammatical structures, such as the subjunctive in all its tenses, hypothetical clauses, imperatives, and the passive voice.
- Acquire information about Italian culture, including some aspects of visual arts, literature, history and current affairs.

What will it be like

The emphasis is on communication activities which promote proficiency in Italian (e.g. small group work, pair work, whole group discussion, debate, students' presentation, listening comprehension exercises) designed to give students of Italian the opportunity to speak the language freely using and practicing the structures they have already learnt.
We assess your learning through observation and active listening (e.g. during pair work, group discussions, presentations and correction of homework) in order to recognize and record your progress and achievements (RARPA). A structured assessment will take place at the end of the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

A ring-binder or file to put your notes in and to organise the course handouts provided by the tutor. There is no specific textbook for this course.
You will be given homework to revise your learning and to prepare for next session. It is expected that you do regular self-study to further your language learning. You should ideally practice the language every day. Independent work will be encouraged and presentations (by students) integrated into the course.

What this course could lead to

Tutor to advice at the end of the course

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