Jewellery Making Projects for Beginners

Learn basic design and jewellery making skills through projects.

Who is this course for

Learn basic skills of jewellery making through given projects.

This course is aimed at beginners and students with some experience in jewellery making who wish to learn basic jewellery techniques. No previous skills are required.

What does this course cover

This course will give you the possibility to learn a range of basic jewellery techniques in a structured class.
You will work on given projects, which will teach you a range of techniques and processes as well as a sense for design.

There will be about three projects, which will include piercing out pieces of copper or silver; bending and shaping metals, filing, drilling; silver soldering, the chemistry of heating various metals and finishing pieces etc. We will also be looking at different designs as design solutions through exercises and experiments. There might be a theme, which runs through parts or all of the course.

Each student receives notes about where to buy materials and, in consultation with the tutor.
Students can work with silver, copper, brass and depending on the student's progress with other materials like leather, wood, perspex etc.
Students are encouraged to keep notebook and sketchbooks to develop their design and keep a record of their learnt techniques.

What you should be able to do by the end of the course;
Learn the basics of, and be able to apply, some of the following techniques:
1, Piercing out
2. Annealing metals
3. Bending and shaping metals
4. Filing
5. Polishing
6. Silver soldering
7. Drilling
8. Develop a sense of design
9. Make at least 2 finished pieces

What will it be like

The teaching and learning methods we use on the course
One to one dialogue, group discussion, tutor example, explanation and demonstration as well as group exercises.

How we assess your progress on the course
Continuous evaluation is an integral part of the course. This is achieved through one-to-one discussion between tutor and student and group discussions, which take place during the term.

What extra study/practice we expect you to do outside the class
Continually looking at all kinds of jewellery, art and design objects as well as drawing their ideas i.e. keeping a sketchbook or scrapbook

What else do you need to buy or do

Brass and copper and basic consumables will be supplied by the college. Silver and maybe other materials need to be supplied by the students. You will be given notes of where to buy all these, cost varies on project undertaken.
Closed shoes need to be worn at all times when participating in a jewellery class.

What this course could lead to

You could apply for a Foundation course in Art & Design or continue with intermediate jewellery classes. Related classes such as Sculpture or design at The Mary Ward Centre or elsewhere, Access into Art or Pre-foundation Art and Design.

There is detailed information in Reception about all our courses at the Mary Ward Centre and a library of prospectuses for other London colleges to help you continue your studies. If you need more detailed advice, please ask a member of reception staff, and a half-hour guidance interview can be arranged for you.
Information about other learning opportunities can be obtained from Learn Direct: tel: 0800 101 901, and from the following websites:;;;;

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