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Learn To Draw

This is a very practical hand on course starting from introduction to basic skills of drawing and the use of various media, to having a wide understanding of the different approaches and purpose of drawing. The course is set in a friendly and supportive atmosphere where learners will be encouraged to developing their skills and imagination. Learners will then being introduced to understand object through the study of shapes, forms, shade and light by creating a series of sketches trough different direct observation such as: still life composition, photographic references and drawing by various artists in history.

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Who is this course for

This course it is aimed at learners who have never had or have very little experience in drawing .The class will give an insight on the basics of drawing, the use of different media and the different aims of a drawing.

What does this course cover

The course would be delivered with practical and plenty of exercises to develop skills, how drawing can be a powerful tool to help delivery ideas and concept with different and wide approach depending of his uses. Some handout with information and images will be given throughout the sessions as well as guidance and personal advice to encourage the progress of learners.
Most of the teaching will be very practical with some information regarding the medium used, examples of techniques and images of other artists to be inspired from. Hands out with information about every subject and will be provided as well as some exercises to able learners to have some references.
Some discussion will be encouraged during the course.
- Why is it important to draw? Why we do it and what is it for?
- It is important to understand the basic rules of drawing and how versatile and yet powerful at the same time can be.

Different media will be used for drawing such as pencils, charcoal, pastel, colour pencil and pens of different type, getting an insight of different techniques, styles and how to experiment with those media.
Still life compositions will introduce learners to the basics of prospective and proportions, on how an object or more, are related to space and depth.
'Drawing is an enjoyable activity that leads to a journey of imagination and inspiring creativity'.

By the end of the course you should be able to:
1. Build a series of drawings through different style concept and exercise learned throughout the course.
2. Make a 2d drawing of an object into a 3d effect through the application of light and shade that creates form and value of an object.
3. Understand the different media characteristic and how to use to them.
4. Experiment with different type media and which type of paper is best to use.

What will it be like

One to one advice will be given trough out the learning process helping learners to get confidence in their practice. Learners will progress and develop their skills by producing a series of sketches and different style of drawing, demonstrating how a draw can be use to convey different meaning and purpose.
Teaching methods: Visual demonstration and verbal explanation. Written handouts with visual diagrams. One-to-one teaching. Group discussions
Learning methods: Hands-on practical activities, Reading handouts and following instructions.
One-to-one and group discussion.
How students are assessed: Questions and answers during group discussions and one-to-one teaching.
Record of students' progress and achievement on an assessment sheet as they achieve the course objectives. Practical work produced is evidence of learning.

What else do you need to buy or do

Sketchbooks A4
One set of lead pencils (HB, 2B, 4B)
One eraser
One putty rubber
Pencil sharpener
What we provide
Most basic material will be provided and specialist paper would be available to buy.

What this course could lead to

Student can progress on to one of our many drawing classes at Blackfriars Settlement or at the Mary ward Centre.
Information about the opportunity to further your interest can be found on the prospectus of the Mary Ward Centre online web page or on paper, with plenty of courses to choose from.
There is detailed information in Reception about all our courses at the Mary Ward Centre.
learning opportunities can be obtained from Learn Direct: and from the following websites:;;;;

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