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Mary Ward Sages

Come and debate issues in contemporary politics and society, and problems that have puzzled human beings for centuries. You don't need any prior knowledge of politics, history or philosophy to enjoy this class.

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Who is this course for

The Mary Ward Sages is a debating group aimed at anyone who is interested in lively discussion about issues of the day. They are informal and no prior knowledge is required.

What does this course cover

The group will look at various topics in the news and more general issues effecting today's society.

Issues that we have previously talked about include the role of the monarchy in the twenty-first century and the possibility that we are sleep-walking towards an encroaching 'Big Brother' society.

Several times a year the Sages open the sessions for the Current Affairs Debates, for a stimulating structured debate. These debates are open to everyone young and old. Based on topical issues decided on the actual day. The debates will take place with Sages on the following dates: 4th October 2019, 25th October 2019, 15th November 2019, 17th January 2020, 7th February 2020, 28th February 2020, 15th May 2020, 5th June 2020.

We hope to increase students' confidence, for them to feel comfortable in challenging ideas and also in being challenged.

By the end of the course you will be able to confidently question and criticise others views in a safe and supportive environment. And to take the skills gathered here for use at other courses at the centre and elsewhere.

What will it be like

The structure of the meetings is fairly informal. Our aim is to create a warm friendly environment where ideas can be freely exchanged.

There may be some mini-lectures, some activities and exercises during the course, but mostly you will have an opportunity to participate in discussion with the whole group.

The discussions and other actitivies on the course will help both you, and the tutor, get a sense of how you're progressing on the course.

What else do you need to buy or do

A pen and paper may be needed for some sessions.

There are no set books. Just by reading the newspapers and keeping abreast of current national and international issues should be enough to voice an opinion.

Although additional reading will help you dig deeper into the ideas discussed in class, it is not expected or required.

What this course could lead to

There are many courses on offer at Mary Ward and other adult education colleges all over London where the ability to voice your views will be of use.

For examples of what's on offer at Mary Ward have a look at the Humanities and Social Science section of the current prospectus.

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I've been to many Centres to study in London and the Mary Ward Centre is one of the nicest I've studied in.

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