Meditation, Mindfulness And Writing Practice

Explore how a practice of meditation and mindfulness can inform and enliven your writing practice. For beginners and those with experience: all welcome.

Who is this course for

This course is for those interested in exploring the connections of creative writing and mindfulness. No previous knowledge or experience of meditation, mindfulness or creative writing, only lots of enthusiasm to either try out new exercises as you develop your practice.

For beginners and experienced writers and meditators.

What does this course cover

The course explores the practices of mindfulness and creative writing. Using mindfulness techniques, we will begin to be aware of the benefits of the practice that enable writing to go deeper and enable us to access the imagination in a much fuller way. We will be writing creatively in each session, but students do not have to read their own work to others; we will be working as a big group, and in small groups. There will be some time for one-to-one feedback.

We will be meditating in each session and exploring an awareness of each of the five senses. We will look at published writing that draws on one of the senses.

By the end of the course, students will have a small creative portfolio of written work, and may have a regular meditation practice. Students will have an understanding of mindfulness and how it could benefit their writing.

What will it be like

The tutor will set out the session's theme at the beginning and we will explore a published text. The sessions will then comprise of a meditation period, followed by plenty of writing (that students do not need to read out!), and group and small group discussions. There will be time set aside for one-to-one feedback to assess individual student progress.

What else do you need to buy or do

A notepad and pen (rather than typing onto a laptop).
There will be one assignment set per session. This assignment will take around two hours of time during the week. It is not compulsory, but fully committing to the assignments help the student progress and get more from the course. It is also helpful if students keep a meditation journal during the course.

What this course could lead to

The course can lead to other creative writing classes at Mary Ward Centre. The course can lead to an independent writing practice and a meditation practice. It could lead to the formation of an independent writing group.

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