NEW: A Peoples History Of London

Based on the tutors co-authored book A Peoples
History of London, in this course we will explore
the history of the city from the bottom up, following
the story of those whose work built the metropolis,
and of the reformers and radicals who changed
the course of its development. We will approach
the history of London as much more than the story
of Kings and Queens, Mayors and corporations. By
looking instead into largely forgotten areas like the
ghettos of Little Italy, the Jago, and the Clink, as
well as the palaces and corporate towers, we can
see London from the point of view of those that
built it, and its wealth, as well as those whose
names are already known to history.

Who is this course for

The course would be suitable for anyone with an interest in History in general and the History of London in particular. No previous experience or knowledge will be assumed and the course would suit people new to studying History or for more experience students with a particular interest in the topic. There are no formal assessment requirements, but there will be reading for the classes, so you will need to have English language skills equivalent to at least Level 2 in order to fully benefit from the course

What does this course cover

We will look at the history of London from its origins right up until the present day, at each stage looking to highlight the often hidden aspects of that story that involve the experiences and contributions of working people and those who contested the existing conditions of the day.
Among the topics and times we will cover on the course are: the origins of the city; Medieval London and the Peasent's revolt; London in the Civil War 1640-1642; Democracy and the London Mob; Worker's London in the 19th Century; London at War 1914-1945; London as a City of Immigration.
By the end of the course, you should be able to:

' Describe the arc of London's development as largest city in the UK and the seat of government from its foundations to the present day
' Explain the role of working people, women, immigrants, and dissenting religion in the development of the city
' Assess the role of movements for reform and radical political and social organisation in the history of London
' Critically assess historical evidence and competing historical accounts of change and development in London's history

What will it be like

The course is an interactive mixture of tutor exposition, class discussion and group/pair work. Videos and clips will be used to supplement some of these class based activities. There are opportunities for further discussion and reading outside of the class via the course's Moodle website.
We will assess your expectations of the course in the first sessions. Thereafter, you will be able to monitor your progress on the course through participation in class discussion, questions and answers and in-class exercises. At the end of the course, you will be able to measure your progress against the stated outcomes for the course

What else do you need to buy or do

The course will draw on the tutor's co-authored (with Lyndsey German) book 'A People's History of London' (Verso 2012) so it would be useful to have a copy of this. Prices vary but copies can usually be found for £12:00 approximately. In addition to this, handouts an other resources will be made available in the class. On the last session of the course, and subject to the agreement of the group, we will plan to do a walking tour in the area around the centre, exploring the theme of Radical Bloomsbury in the Nineteenth Century. If you have any mobility difficulties please notify the Centre of this when you complete your enrolment form so we can make arrangements to ensure this part of the course is accessible to you.

What this course could lead to

Further courses in the History section of the College or to further study of courses in the broad field of Humanities and Social Sciences, such as History, Economics, Literature or Philosophy.

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