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New: Advanced European Philosophy

This year we will concentrate on the impact that
the expansion of the social sciences made on
European philosophy. We are interested in various
formulations of man, society, subject, rationality/
irrationality and how European philosophy
accommodated the non-rational. Our foundation
is the approach of the Frankfurt School but we
will include thinkers such as Popper, Foucault,
Althusser and iek. Participants should have
extensive previous experience of studying European
philosophy and enjoy a detailed reading of difficult
texts combined with collaborative discussion.

Who is this course for

Participants should have extensive previous experience of studying European philosophy and are interested in a critique of contemporary thought, epecially aesthetic and political. They should have some time to do reading on their own and enjoy participating in a lively discussion.

What does this course cover

This term is focusing on the aesthetics of Marcuse as embodying the approaches of the Frankfurt School. Specifically Adorno. It will then go on to examine Nancy's The Muses, trs.Peggy Kamuf, Stanford University Press, 1996 (1st pub. France-1994) By the end of the term, participants should have a greater understanding of the role aesthetics plays for the Frankfurt School and other late 20th Century thinkers.

What will it be like

This is an interactive seminar with participants encouraged to engage, they may present a paper or lead a discussion or just present an alternative view. We are only concerned with the philosopher's original texts and avoid secondary sources. The focus is on each participant forming and developing their own understanding.

What else do you need to buy or do

Usually you need to buy one text. We do try to supply as much as possible in photocopy in order to keep the cost down. When possible, independent reading is encouraged and where relevant shared with the class. To buy The Muses, Jean-Luc Nancy (1940-), translated Peggy Kamuf, Stanford, 1996. P.B around £13.00

What this course could lead to

The further studying and critiquing of Western Philosophy. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the designing future courses.

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