New: Advanced European Philosophy

This year we will focus our investigations on the Frankfurt School/Critical Theory and its influence on contemporary philosophy. The emphasis will be on aesthetics and ethics/politics as we investigate 2nd generation Frankfurt School through a study of the work of Habermas and Marcuse, their influence on thinkers like Nancy and Zizek, and the importance of these ideas in relation to our complex contemporary world. Participants should have extensive previous experience of studying European philosophy and enjoy a detailed reading of difficult texts combined with collaborative discussion.

Who is this course for

All newcomers are welcome. Participants should have a strong background in Western philosophy or comparable academic experience. They should be willing to engage in the original texts, though most often translated and enjoy participating in philosophical discussion.

What does this course cover

We will be tracing the Marxist contribution to 20th Century European philosophy. So we will beging with Marx's Early Writings, specifically 'The Economic and Philosopical Manuscripts of 1844' We will then start our exploration of the Frankfurt School with an emphasis on Adorno's Aesthetics and then work our way to Habermas. The precise texts that we will engage with after Adorno, will be decided by the interests of the seminar.

What will it be like

This is an interactive seminar, participants are encouraged to participate and may present a paper or lead a discussion. We are concerned with the Philosopher's actual texts and forming our own opinion.

What else do you need to buy or do

To buy or borrow: Karl Marx- Early Writings, A Penguin classic 1st pub 1975. Intro Colletti. 'Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts' 1844

Theodor Adorno- Aesthetic Theory, trs. Hullot-Kentor, Continuum Books, 1997, orig. pub. 1970. ISBN 10:0-8264-7691-0

What this course could lead to

Group to decide

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