New: Forensic Psychology

Why do people commit crimes? What makes people do
harm to others? What are the issues with defining and
measuring crime? What actually are psychopathy and
other risk factors that are linked to criminal behaviours?
To what extent do psychological, biological and
cognitive factors contribute to committing crime? How
does the justice system and society deal with offending
behaviour? What are the available interventions for
reducing crime? What does research in memory and
eyewitness testimony teach us about crimes and
offenders? This course explores these and many other
important psychological questions relating to crime and
justice. We will discuss how psychological research
contributes to debates and policy on crime, policing,
criminal justice and rehabilitation.

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone who is interested in how psychology explains our behaviour. No previous knowledge or experience is needed.

What does this course cover

Each week we will be looking at a different topic that has been investigated by psychologists.
Examples of topics we will cover are

' History of crime
' Why do people commit crime?
' What are the psychological, cognitive and biological explanations of committing crime?
' How does psychological research contribute to debates and policy on crime, policing, criminal justice and rehabilitation?
You are also encouraged to recommend topics you would like to know more about

What will it be like

A number of different methods will be used including tutor exposition, pair and small group work and class discussion. A number of case studies will be used (both written and video clips) to illuminate the topics being examined

What else do you need to buy or do

To benefit fully from this course it is recommended that students complete some of the recommended reading. You do not need to buy a text for this as handouts will be given and other resources will be available through the Moodle page for the course.

What this course could lead to

There are a number of Psychology courses that you may be interested in attending at the Mary Ward Centre including, 'Introduction to Psychology' 'Psychology of Addiction' and 'Developmental Psychology'. Some previous students have gone on to study at a higher level e.g. at Birkbeck.

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