New: Healthy Eating Fot Type ll Diabetes

This course gives you the knowledge you need to improve your cardiovascular health, improve diabetes management or prevent/reverse type II diabetes. Topics covered include: healthy eating - the basics; foods for a healthy heart; best supplements for heart disease and diabetes, carbs and blood sugar levels, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, how to make exercise work for you, and meal and menu planning to make easy, tasty, healthy meals.

Who is this course for

No previous knowledge or experience is required. This course is suitable for anyone interested in improving their diet and health.

What does this course cover

By the end of the course you should be able to:
- Explain the principles of healthy eating
- Know how to work towards achieving and maintaining a healthy weight;
- List foods which will protect your heart and cardiovascular system
- List foods which will worsen diabetes and heart disease
- Understand which supplements may be helpful for heart disease and diabetes,
- Explain how carbohydrates effect blood sugar levels and know which carbohydrate foods are beneficial to health and which should be avoided
- Design a suitable exercise programme that is suitable for you, enjoyable, and easy to fit into your daily life
- Plan a healthy tasty diet for you and your family!

What will it be like

The class will be relaxed and enjoyable with plenty of opportunity for questions and class discussion. The tutor will use a variety of teaching methods including lecture, power point presentations, short videos, pair work and small group work, discussion etc.
Each week there will be a short quiz to check on your understanding of the topics covered.
The tutor will also assess your progress via direct questions, short worksheets and class discussion.

What else do you need to buy or do

Handouts will be provided but please do bring a pen and paper or notebook in case you wish to make additional notes. If you have supplements you wish to discuss you will be encouraged to bring them along to that particular lesson.

What this course could lead to

You could go on to study Diet and Nutrition part one or part two at the Mary Ward Centre; you could go on to study other health and wellness courses at the college. This course is a good starting point if you wish to study nutrition at a higher level. A certificate of attendance can be provided if you would like one.

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