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New: Including And Supporting People With Autism Spectrum Disorder And Their Families

People on the broad Autism Spectrum may experience difficulties in language, social interaction, sensory processing problems, and display ritualistic and repetitive behaviours. Should we be embracing, accommodating and celebrating these differences, or trying to develop educational and therapeutic techniques to help people with Autism change their thinking and behaviours to fit seamlessly into a supposed neurotypical population? What is this enigmatic life experience, and how can we support the estimated 1 in 60 members of the population who live with this diagnosis? We will share knowledge about current support strategies, interventions, care and management of persons with autism, and consider their contributions to our contemporary understanding of Autism.

Who is this course for

This non-clinical course is designed for participants who might be a friend or relative of a person with Autism, have an interest in working with people with autism either as a part of an occupational pathway, or as a charitable volunteer, advocate etc. It also offers a basic introduction for those considering studying Psychology, undertaking Teacher, Social Work or ABA training; or perhaps contribute to the continuing professional development of those already working in the caring professions.

What does this course cover

After a brief introduction to the Autism Spectrum, the session will then focus upon the development of inclusive strategies to meet myriad needs in different contexts, e.g. using personalised care 'passports', developing quiet zones for 'de-stressing'.

What will it be like

It will include workshops, tutor exposition and supported seminar-style session(s), where participants will be invited to develop practical illustrative strategies to include and work with the needs of people with Autism.

What else do you need to buy or do

Bring along a pen and some paper to make notes.

What this course could lead to

This course can be used to provide some essential background, or perhaps provide a 'springboard' to further study or specialised occupational training.

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