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This two-day course looks at the achievements of the late Joseph Campbell in respect to his placing at the centre of the human condition the role of mythological voices. Among the numerous themes which occupied him over his lifetime we look at the great metamyth of the heros journey and the importance of forging ones own path; the masks of deity enshrouding the various gods and goddesses found throughout the world and forming a bridge between East and West; and the need to follow your bliss for a fulfilled life. Campbells work infused a range of artistic impression, including the likes of George Lucass Star Wars and the Grateful Dead rock band. His relationship with some of his formative influences will be explored, including H. Zimmer, A. Bastian, his students and his wife, Jean Erdman. We will show how Campbells work on myth resonates deeply with other thinkers and artists and how a nurturing of such resonances in a variety of ways may enhance our quality of life.

Who is this course for

No previous knowledge or experience required - course suitable for anyone who has an interest in mythology, anthropology, personal development or the arts.

What does this course cover

The course look at the role of mythology in both reflecting and instructing the human condition. It stresses the place of Joseph Campbell in the development of this perspective, in particular his concept of the `monomyth' in relation to hero myths. In analysing the similarities between myths we discover the archetypal significance of the `masks of God'. We looks at his biography and the formative influences on him. The course explores the various dilemmas of the modern world as identified by Campbell and his solutions including the notion of `following one's bliss' and the need for a new (ideally, global) mythology to replace the decline of key meta-narratives over the past century.

The course's overall aim is to introduce people to a range of works by Joseph Campbell and so show the value of having a mythic awareness in today's society. By the end of the course you should be able to:
1.demonstrate evidence of the commonalities of mythic themes across the world
2. assess Joseph Campbell's contribution to the study of myth.
3. Acquire an ability to apply insights from mythology to contemporary situations, both for society and for oneself.

What will it be like

Selected DVDS from the Bill Moyers interviews of Campbell . Exposition of his main themes arising from his texts. Group discussion, question and answer, etc.
Progress will be assessed via feedback through such question and answer sessions, round robin debate and observation of responses to material presented, visual, written and aural.

What else do you need to buy or do

Writing material, folder and/or file. Sampling some of Campbell's work between the two day schools would be beneficial, chasing up references, etc.

What this course could lead to

Related courses on anthropology, mythology or comparative religion. Plus complementary courses e.g. the tutor's spring term 2018 course on ritual

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