New: Last Of The Tsars

Most of the course will explore Russian politics and leadership from 1894 to 1924, incorporating the regimes of Nicholas II, the Provisional Government and Lenin. A summary of the 1924-2000 period will be followed by a discussion of whether Vladimir Putin is the last of the Tsars. It is hoped to include at least one exhibition visit (similar to Russia, Royalty and the Romanovs, currently at the Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace).

Who is this course for

It is assumed that students would have an interest in international relations, but a knowledge of 19th and 20th Century Russian history is not necessary.

What does this course cover

By the end of the course the students will have a good knowledge and understanding of the
Indviduals, politics, history and culture of late nineteenth and early twentieth century Russia. What does being Tsar involve? Can Kerensky, Lenin or Putin be considered such? To what extent does current Russian internal and foreign policy reflect the Tsarist and Bolshevik past? How much have the lives of ordinary Russians changed over the last 100 years?

What will it be like

A mix of interactive powerpoint lecturing, incorporating short video extracts, and a range of student activities. These include reading and reflecting on primary and secondary sources, sorting exercises (pair and group work), analysis of photographs and artwork, discussion.

What else do you need to buy or do

Bring a pen and some note paper

What this course could lead to

Other History courses, tutor to advise

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