New: Mixed Media: Exploding Realism

This short course will mix experimental, low tech
printmaking with drawing and painting techniques.
We will look at still-Life and the long tradition
of painting interiors and objects, in a new and
challenging light.

Who is this course for

This course is suitable for people with some experience of drawing & painting who wish to push their boundaries and explore materials and content, and for adventurous beginners.

What does this course cover

Working initially drawing from a range of objects & introducing a wide variety of materials , media and approaches, this course will explore what drawing can be, and different ways of using observational subject matter as an integral aspect of the process and the finished work.

By the end of the course students will:
' Have knowledge of artists working in ways that use similar processes, techniques & ethos to the course content.
' Have an understanding of what investigative drawing is
' Have an insight into the importance of surface and ground, and practical knowledge of some alternatives.
' Have a creative approach towards mixed media and cross disciplinary methods.
' Have ability to work from drawings.

What will it be like

The teaching methods include:
' Presentation of contextual materials (work by other artists)
' A range of taught drawing & printmaking activities.
' Peer review/ group discussions
' Guided workshops developing individual approaches
' One to One teaching
The course structure is as follows:
Day 1:
' Introduction and Powerpoint Presentation
' Observational drawing, encouraging an investigative approach and experimenting with materials, media and grounds.
' Deconstructing objects imaginatively, and then physically.
' Peer review
Day 2:
' Working in the printroom & the studio, taking prints from dismantled objects & found surfaces. Print will be used to develop & add to some work done on day 1, in addition to making new work.
Day 3:
' Working in the studio : Review & discussion of plans, working with and from what has been produced towards a final piece.

What else do you need to buy or do

Basic materials will be provided: You can bring along media such as
Different papers/ found or prepared grounds

You will need to bring an object with you that can be de-constructed & used to print from
Good examples are chairs, tables, (small ones!) wooden boxes, anything that will have some flat surface when taken to bits.

What this course could lead to

A range of courses at the Mary Ward Centre and elsewhere.

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