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New: Personal Mythologies For Today

In this mixed workshop/seminar course we will consider the recovery of ones personal myth as part of modern societys quest for the self, exploring whether issues such as personal identity can be productively pursued through the cultivation and evolution of personal mythologies. The course will be partly experiential, involving a range of exercises including drawing, role play and drama, as well as reflection on which societal and familial myths we relate to in our lives to what extent do we allow individual and cultural myths to live us and how far do we live and mould them? How functional are our present personal myths, etc? An analysis of the concept of personal myth will be presented and the theoretical interfaces between myth, psychology and spirituality will be explored as an aid to help see through current confusions.

Who is this course for

Anyone interested in their personal development, self analysis, the family and society's influence on the individual, etc. No special skills or experience needed.

What does this course cover

This course encourages the development of a mythological perspective on society and oneself in terms of the guiding myths of one's family upbringing, one's culture, social class and political and religious ideology. Gain awareness of such control systems to see how they impinge on us all. Move to the expression of some of these via exercises, illustration and discussion. Develop positive functional relationships with one's wider environment and gain increasing understanding of how personal identity is constructed.

By the end of the course students should be in a better position to evaluate the effects of wider sociological and psychological influences on themselves. Should be able to diagnose what changes they may want to make (if any) in terms of current life-styles, life chances and overall attitudes.
Students will be able to draw, perform or otherwise describe their life career and how it has been built up to this point. Overall objective is to enable students to realise a more fulfilling personal mythology, having been given modest tools to assist them in this goal in the future.

What will it be like

A mix of experiential exercises, exposition via lecture presentation, class handouts and discussion.
Assessment via observation, feedback to question and answer, overall participation, and so on.

What else do you need to buy or do

Ideally, bring writing and drawing materials including pens, crayons, etc.

What this course could lead to

Progress insights taken from the course into one's everyday life. Courses in psychology and sociology particularly relevant.

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