NEW: ‘Pitch Perfect – Troubleshooting The Movie Pitch

Get to the heart of your film idea and learn how to
hook the attention of others with a catchy oneliner.

Who is this course for

A short course for people with ambitions to sell their film ideas for money and forge a career in the movie industry. It's also a great opportunity to build confidence in your ideas and abilities as a storyteller. Pitching is fast and fun - if you're a film fan, you might enjoy the chance to kick ideas around and get to the heart of what makes movies tick.

What does this course cover

The aim of the course is for each student to learn about the art of movie pitching and develop their skills as a presenter of ideas. It's also about writing what could be shortest form of all, the one-line movie pitch. Through the challenge of formulating and refining stories down to their barest bones, writers can learn a lot about the stories they want to tell - and about themselves too!

What will it be like

The best movie pitches make a film story spread its wings come to life in a matter of a few words. The tricky part is to capture the correct meaning and be honest about the film you want to create - many projects come unstuck during development because a great pitch didn't translate into a workable film idea. By exploring and troubleshooting this process you'll learn how to avoid this pitfall and you'll have fun in the process too!

No previous experience is necessary but you'll need a good grasp of written and spoken English, plus the means to write in class and some knowledge of films - if you're a film fan, that's the best place to start. And this course will have the most benefit for people who've already got film ideas and want to get to the bottom of what they are, how they can be pitched and whether they'll make great movies.

There will be lots of snappy writing, sharing and discussion in class, you are the heart of this course and you'll learn more than you expect from listening to other writers and sharing your own words in a friendly and supportive environment.

Above all there will be lots of pitching - practice makes perfect and you'll feel your confidence grow as you get used giving and receiving feedback on story ideas.

What else do you need to buy or do

Bring your ideas, pen and pad.

What this course could lead to

By the end of the day, you'll have a bank of tips and tricks to improve your technique for constructing and delivering pitches. If you've come with stories you want to tell, you should leave the course with a much better handle on what's at the heart of your story and how you can engage the film industry with your ideas. For those who just wanted to see what all the fuss was about, you might discover that you've got a movie inside that's itching to get out - haven't we all?

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