New: Resilience And Wellbeing

Learn a range of wellbeing and resilience-building techniques to help you manage daily stresses and experience better physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Each class will focus on building resilience, using a range of different techniques. Breathwork will be a foundational part of each weeks course (specifically the teaching of a technique known as Transformational Breath), bringing many benefits including increased energy, reduced feelings of stress and anxiety, better sleep, detoxification of the body, deep relaxation and calmness.

Who is this course for

This course is for anyone. It is especially useful for people who experience stress in their lives, or who wish to find a simple way to reduce stress, feelings of anxiety and to improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

What does this course cover

The course will explain the fundamentals of the Transformational Breath technique, as well as other techniques designed to build resilience and improve wellbeing.

What will it be like

The beginning of the course will cover some theory and information about the Transformational Breath technique and the benefits that using it will bring.
Each week we will cover a small amount of theory to provide context for that session, but most of the course will be very practical, involving exercises to help participants gain a greater understanding of their own bodies, and how to build resilience within them.
Each session will also feature the opportunity to have experience a Transformational Breath session, with guidance and support from a trained facilitator.
At the end of each session there will be the opportunity to ask questions and to share experiences.
Students will also be given information and advice on how they can practice the techniques learned at home on their own so that they can develop a continuing practice.

What else do you need to buy or do

Students will not need to provide anything except to bring a bottle of water with them
Materials required are yoga mats, and blankets as well as pillows / bolsters if available
There are no additional study requirements

What this course could lead to

Once you have attended the course you will be equipped to incorporate these techniques easily into your daily life. If you wish to pursue the practice of Transformational Breath further you can also attend a Breath Circle (a regular monthly meeting held for people who have attended a workshop [held externally to Mary Ward] or have one to one breath sessions.

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