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New: Seeing More Colourfully – NLP + Increasing Sensory Awareness

Have you ever wondered why some people think so differently from you? It may be because they construct their mental imagery pictures differently to you. Come and learn some fun, fascinating and practical NLP techniques which explore how we use our senses to make-up our pictures of the world.

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Who is this course for

Explore how some people view the world in colour, others see only in black and white outlines. Some people visualise in grainy images, and others see nothing at all! (called Aphantasia). Understanding NLP eye cues helps sharpen awareness of your own and other's mental landscapes; It increases your ability to recognise peoples thinking filters, plan learning strategies suited to their visualisation style, and to communicate more fully with those around you in their sensory language.

What does this course cover

how differently others are viewing the world -
Hidden messages people express through voice, tone, and language, noticing when you are in and out of rapport with others and mirroring body language. Practicing viewing, listening and mirroring others sensory language in order to build stronger rapport with others.

What will it be like

Experiential: Participants work with their own work or life situations. Whole class teaching, small group activities, practical exercises and discussion topics. You will be encouraged to apply the skills learned on this course to your work and life. Participants are encouraged to set an outcome for the day and to use tools as a framework for achieving it.

What else do you need to buy or do

Notebook and pen would be useful.

What this course could lead to

Recognise people's primary sensory imagery, is it visual, auditory or kinaesthetic?
Recognise people's language patterns and how they relate to what they 'see'. Build some strategies for noticing and communicating more fully with others.

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