New: Stop Animation with iPads

Turn your iPad into an animation studio with this
introduction to Claymation animation. This course
will take you through the basic steps of how to
create your own short stop-motion clay animation

Who is this course for

The course is an introduction to the topic of Animation and as such suitable for Beginners - although it is important that learners possess basic ICT literacy. This includes feeling at ease navigating a computer, iPad or iPhone. Learners may additionally find basic drawing skills helpful. However, a willingness to participate is more important.

What does this course cover

Turn your iPad into an animation studio with this introduction to claymation animation. This course will take you through the basic steps of how to create your own short stop-motion clay animation.
Working in groups and individually you will go through the process of creating a storyboard, creating your own backgrounds for animation, thinking about character or concept design and culminating in using your iPad to make your own animation.
You will leave the course with completed group and individually animated work and the necessary skills and knowledge to create your own stop-motion animation.
This course is suitable for absolute beginners - whether you are a student wanting to explore career options, an artist who wishes to expand their skills or simply someone interested in animation as a leisure pursuit. This is a perfect taster course.

What will it be like

Icebreakers: Getting to know you activities
Introduction: Course overview
Illustrated Presentation (w/ Integrated Tasks): Introduction to Claymation & Morphing.
Preparing 'Storyboards' - staging how their chosen objects will morph together (Group Work)
prepare 'Backgrounds' (Group Work)
prepare 'Character/ Concept Design' (Group Work)
Demonstration: How to shoot 'Claymation' using an iPad.
upload 'iMotion HD App' to their iPads.
shoot 'Animations' (Group Work)

Learners morph additional object to existing animation.

Learners create 'end credits' to add to existing animations.

Presentations: Groups present animations.
Learners prepare individual animations assisted by individual tutor feedback.

Learners present individual animations to the whole group accompanied by feedback.

What else do you need to buy or do

Please bring with you to the course:

An iPad (iOS 7.1 or later & iPhone 5 or later).
A data transfer cable - the Art dept. has some iPads with stands to loan (please check before booking).

A USB flash drive or DVD for saving work

A small object of your choice that has meaning to you - please ensure that it is not valuable and be aware it may get dirty.

A Gooseneck Adjustable Stand


A tripod

* If you choose to acquire a tripod, it is strongly recommended that you also purchase a tripod mount. The iPad does not attach directly to the tripod but to a mount that is connected to the tripod.

What this course could lead to

Students may consider joining other arts and compting classes at the college.

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