New: Women Of The Raj

The British Raj is usually viewed from a masculine viewpoint, whether that be the imperialists themselves or the Indian nationalist leaders. The course will explore the British presence in India during Queen Victorias reign through the lives of the women who went there from Britain and those born in India. It will encompass the wives of the Viceroys, intrepid British travellers and courageous Indian leaders, such as Begum Hazrat Mahal and Rani Avantiba, who fought against the British occupation. The lives of less prominent women, the wives and memsahibs, will also be evaluated in a survey of the evolving relationship between Indian and its British occupiers.

Who is this course for

No previous knowledge of the topic is required.

What does this course cover

The course will challenge both the nostalgic view of the British presence as a romantic adventure and more recent stereotypes of the snobbish, matron-like memsahib, through a range of powerful and sometimes eccentric women, from the wives of viceroys to liberated female explorers. The women's view of the British occupation will be contrasted with current hostile critiques of the Empire. Conventional views of Indian women will be contrasted with the lives of female warrior leaders.

What will it be like

A mix of interactive powerpoint lecturing, incorporating short video extracts, and a range of student activities. These include reading and reflecting on primary and secondary sources, sorting exercises (pair and group work), analysis of photographs and artwork, discussion.

What else do you need to buy or do

Bring a pen and some paper

What this course could lead to

Students may be interested in other history courses.

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