NEW: Writing For The Internet

Experiment with different styles of writing from blogs, to news, to home page copy and learn the techniques that will make your web content more readable.

Who is this course for

Maybe you love to write and want to learn new tips and structuring tricks to keep your readers engaged. Or perhaps you are yet to acquire a passion for words, but need to enhance your skills -- whether for work or pleasure.
'Writing for the Internet' could complement our creative writing courses, if you are a looking to develop a profile online and promote your work. Equally if you are putting together a new website and want quality content that cuts through the clutter, this course will show you how.

What does this course cover

How people absorb and navigate content differently on a screen and what this means for the writer. Plenty of practical suggestions on how to keep a reader hooked.
We will compare different published 'blogs'. Your will also borrow techniques from news, features and creative writing so your own blogs get better.
Where do ideas come from and what do target audiences want from you - entertainment, information, or both? The course will provide the stimulus to find a unique voice and purpose, whoever you write for.

What will it be like

Skills will be built-up gradually over nine weeks through a series of short exercises.
At the beginning of each session the group will come together to experiment with different writing techniques. Everyone will be encouraged to compare and provide constructive feedback, as there is never just one approach.
Time will be allocated to individual work and the tutor will give one-to-one support in a relaxed, informal way.

What else do you need to buy or do

Pen and notebook
The tutor will sometimes request you bring along samples from other published writers for the group to discuss.

What this course could lead to

You could move on to any other general creative writing, journalistic or more advanced web-writing courses. There may be one-off specialist workshops that appeal at Mary Ward Centre or elsewhere.

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