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NLP: Making Friends – Building Rapport With Others

If you would like to understand people better and build friendships - then this course is for you. Successful communication with others depends largely on our ability to establish and maintain rapport. NLP rapport is the ability to understand how other people view their world. When we are in rapport with others and can join them in their view of the world we can build communication with them.

Who is this course for

For anyone who wants to build better relationships with others. Friendliness and rapport skills are also useful for work, whether you are a teacher, a sales person, or simply want to ask someone for a date, or seeking to influence others. People are more likely to listen to someone they have built rapport with. Enthusiasm and curiosity is the key to building relationships. No previous knowledge is required.

What does this course cover

The NLP eye cues, noticing whether people think mainly in pictures, words or feelings.
Listening to their voice and tone, and what it tells you
Matching and mirroring body language
We will spend time practicing building rapport skills.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

Be aware of whether people make their descriptions mainly in pictures, words or feelings.
Be able to match some of their sensory language and gestures so that we can join others in their particular and unique map of the world.
To build rapportful conversations with others

What will it be like

Experiential: Participants work with their own work or life situations. Whole class teaching, small group activities, practical exercises and discussion topics. You will be encouraged to apply the skills learned on this course to your work and life.

Participants are encouraged to set an outcome for the day and to use tools as a framework for achieving it.

What else do you need to buy or do

Notebook and pen would be useful.
we hope that you will be able to integrate the new strategies into your everyday life and communication and engaging with others.

What this course could lead to

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