NlP: Thinking, Listening – And Connecting To Others

This course is for people who may feel they could have listened better or would like to connect more fully with others in a helpful and compassionate way. Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first. The quality of attention one person gives to another when listening can be catalytic, because it determines the quality of other people's thinking. The aim is to connect with each other in ways that makes people feel listened to and positively empowers their thinking to flow.

Who is this course for

For anyone who wants to think clearly, build stronger relationships, and have more productive meetings with friends, colleagues, lovers. The idea is that we listen to people so people are heard, and we give attention so respectfully that people begin to think for themselves, clearly and afresh. Listening - the quality of people's attention for each other is the core of this method. Organisations, families and relationships can benefit by becoming thinking environments, where good ideas abound, action follows and people flourish and radiate in each other's presence.

What does this course cover

Becoming aware of our listening and thinking behaviour patterns;
Defining the ten components of a Listening Organisation; Using incisive questions to remove blocks to clear thinking. Listening respectfully so that others can think more clearly in your presence.

What will it be like

Experiential: Participants work with their own work or life situations. Whole class teaching, small group activities, practical exercises and discussion topics. You will be encouraged to apply the skills learned on this course to your work and life.

What else do you need to buy or do

Notebook and pen would be useful.
To integrate the new strategies into your everyday life and communication and engaging with others.

What this course could lead to

Foundation in NLP. NLP Practitioner Course. (this would be outside the MWC at present)

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