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Over 60s’ Art

Everyone's an artist! Use simple, fun techniques, gain skills and confidence in a range of materials. We'll encourage you to develop a personal style. Beginners are particularly welcome.

Who is this course for

Any person of over 60 who is willing to experiment with and explore visual materials, images and expression. No direct previous experience is required, but interest in and openess to image-making is desirable. Please note: anyone so interested does not need good eyesight, steady hand or any other physical attribute.

What does this course cover


Each term begins with basic black-and-white media and techniques, and moves through to colour (acrylic paint); collage is included.


To enable and promote confidence in image-making and visual expression
To promote confidence in the use of differing materials and techniques
To encourage where appropriate the development of individual subject matter
To initiate and establish a productive and enjoyable art activity group
To develop confidence in discussing your own work and that of others.


Topics include the elements of basic image-making e.g. tone,colour, composition, contrast and texture.

1. Use marks, shape, tone and colour in various ways.

2. Use various sources to make images

3. Use different black-and-white and colour materials and techniques

4. Discuss, appreciate and learn from your own and others' work

5. Gain confidence in developing your individual style and subject matter

6. Discuss and collaborate within the group, and learn and practice the
skills of constructive self-critique

What will it be like

- Each session focuses on a particular exercise or subject which develops skills in visual expression and image-making.
- Students work and are taught both as a group and as individuals. Individual visual aptitude and interests are actively encouraged.
- Work produced is displayed and discussed weekly to develop analytical skills.
- Students are encouraged to keep and use a home sketchbook each week.

Verbal guidance and feedback is given by the tutor individually on a weekly basis.
Work is also pinned up weekly for peer-group response and discussion and tutor's summing-up.

What else do you need to buy or do

Basic materials (pencils, paint, brushes, palettes, paper) to be provided
by Mary Ward. Students may bring in any of their own materials if they
wish. I may ask them to collect collage materials. e.g. magazines, where possible.

What this course could lead to

Any appropriate adult education art classes; more formal GCSE or A-level
classes if sufficiently motivated, or Access into Art at the Mary Ward Centre.


When I found out how reasonable the course prices were I stopped fretting about retirement



This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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