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Over 60s’ Art

Everyone's an artist! Use simple, fun techniques, gain skills and confidence in a range of materials. We'll encourage you to develop a personal style. Beginners are particularly welcome.

Who is this course for

Any person over 60 who is wants to learn to draw and paint and who is interested in learning to 'make things'. Don't worry if you don't have good eyesight or a steady hand or if you have any other physical or learning difficulties - you will be included in all activities and extra help can be given if necessary. Just have a word with your tutor on the first day of term.

What does this course cover

Each term we will experiment with different techniques in drawing, painting, or collage. We will also be exploring different crafts, both traditional and new. A typical term might include drawing, painting, decoupage, sewing felt accessories, jewellery making and working with glass or metal. We will try to design the course according to the interests of the majority of the students and you will be encouraged to work on your own projects, with help and/or advise if you need it.
To initiate and establish a productive, friendly and fun art and craft activity group
To develop confidence when discussing your own work and that of others.
To enable and promote confidence in making items and visual expression
To promote confidence when using different materials and techniques
To encourage, where appropriate, the development of individual projects

Topics include how to create and understand the importance of colour, tone, composition, contrast and texture in 2D and 3D image-making.
' Using marks, shape, tone and colour in various ways.
' Using various materials to make 2D and 3D images and objects
' Using different materials and techniques
' Discussing, appreciating and learning from your own and others' work
' Gaining confidence in developing your individual style and subject matter
' Discussing and collaborating with the group, and learning and practicing the
skills of constructive self-critique

What will it be like

We aim to provide a safe and friendly class atmosphere in a programme which will be, as much as possible, student led. The course is based in the Mary Ward Centre craft room and so, over the year, you will be able to learn many of the crafts usually taught in this specialist studio.
The days will usually start with a video or PowerPoint display followed by a discussion and a demonstration. There will be a written handout to help you, and one-to-one help will be given by the tutor throughout the lesson. There will be an optional break for tea or coffee in the morning. At the end of the lesson there will be an opportunity for all students to show their work for a positive critique from the tutor and other students.

What else do you need to buy or do

Basic materials (pencils, paint, brushes, palettes, paper, carft materails) to be provided
by Mary Ward. Students may bring in any of their own materials if they
wish. I may ask them to collect collage materials. e.g. magazines, where possible.

What this course could lead to

Other adult education art classes


I’m part of the Over 60s Club, which has so many interesting people in it. It’s amazing that it’s free and so accessible. The elderly are often neglected, but the Mary Ward Centre makes a real effort for them.



This course has concessions available for people who meet certain criteria

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